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Verbal Contact is a Hip-Hop/Rap group whose lyrics give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. In doing so we gain interest from all ages and receive approval from fans young and old. V.C. provides enough energy and realness that we have garnered the respect of the church as well as the streets. Verbal Contact delivers clean hard real lyrics so the streets can feel Christian music as well. We feel it is part of our mission to get the message of God to the world. Verbal Contact has a unique sound and style. V.C. tries to mimic no one. By having a universal sound, people from all over the world can relate to their sound and feel them as well. V.C, listens to all styles of music. From old school r&b, r&b, rock, jazz, blues, country, and yes most of all gospel. By being so diverse, V.C. has earned a lot of respect and recognition. V.C's credits include but not limited to, Performing at the "2002 Winter Olympics," in Salt Lake City, Utah. We performed in front of over 10,000 people.