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VISION - pka SuperVision (aka Diamond Eyes), acknowledges the main thing that makes him stand out in the rap scene is his blindness, but he will not be singled out because of it. "I want people understand that VISION is a true MC and an act who happens to be blind, not a blind MC”. Most people can’t imagine what it is not to see, but for this star in the rough, being blind hasn't been as much of an obstacle as one might assume. "I’m an artist not just a rapper. With my music, I deliver a wide range of hip-hop. Especially with my live shows. I put a band together and I put hardcore hip-hop with everything from R&B to rock. I want a diverse blend of music. I not only want the thugs to listen, my gangsta girls, and anybody any age that wants to party with me. That’s why I formed the band and we do joints like "Flossy Floss", “Clubbin”, “Spring” and “Ice Cold”.