Urban Hermits



Lead Vocals & Guitar: Tommy Bonner

Drums and Vocals:Paddy Reynolds

Lead Guitar:Jamie McLean

Bass:Dylan Ramsey

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Arriving home in From Hungary with an album under his belt in late 2006.Tommy Bonner set about finding musicians who were both talented enough to get their arms around 12 tunes, but also patient enough to put up with his relentless dictatorial nature and krankiness.After a couple of air swings, he decided to look a little closer to home,which proved to be a more inspired decision as Jamie, Paddy and Dylan decided to come with him on this journey.The band developed an immediate chemistry both musically and personally,practices became fun again,music became fun again and following a sell out show and standing ovation on their debut homecoming gig in the Balor Theatre in April the band has gone onwards and upwards,securing gigs in premier venues in Derry, Letterkenny and Dublin.As well as Promoting their debut album 'Some Belated Truths' they are also showcasing new songs.Urban Hermits are currently planning more Summer gigs, a tour this Autumn and a possble EP Release early next year.

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