UltraViolet Uforia


UltraViolet Uforia is the ultimate jam band. You get the best of all worlds and beyond with spacey jams and danceable grooves. Expand your horizons today with uVu!

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Since 1994 uVu has been making trippy tunes that you can dance to or let your mind groove upon. You get a real sense of drifting back into the 70's with a modern edge.

Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead being the biggest influences you will be treated to long jams that take you out of this world. The Doors come through in their upbeat grooves that you won't be able to sit through.

Good old Rock and Roll with a blend of Blues, Folk, Jazz, Reggae, Psychedelic and Improv is a good way to describe them. Not your typical bar band or alternative angst band...these guys have a message of Peace and Harmony to spread!