The band are interested in playing their music to as many people at as many venues as possible so if your a promoter or band looking for a support act look no further!!!

Contact at www.myspace.com/tytaniamusic

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TYTANIA have been through many changes over the past two years, the current line up has been together since late 05. The band was formed by Luke, who was inspired to create a decent, honest rock band to compete with the booming, local Leeds music scene. Even in the early days it was clear that something special was emerging from the practice sessions, however with relatively unexperianced and new musicians it was difficult for TYTANIA to find a solid consistent sound and style. However with each members talent growing and improving with the band, and the tight regular practice sessions things quickly began to improve. As both luke and adam started to find there own sound and style on guitar and spazzy's solid, original drum beats combined with toms pounding bass, a "sound" started to emerge from the sessions. Luckily luke has an awesome knowldge of the theories of popular music and song construction and put together with his wide taste in music he has an uncanny ability to write the