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Two Finger Salute are a punk band hailing from the musical Mecca known as Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. They have been around a little over a year but have already achieved so much in such a short space of time. They have played sell out shows in their own Hertfordshire towns like St Albans, Hertford, etc. They have played along side some great bands including Vic (pianist from The Slackers and also does keys for Rancid and The Transplants), The King Blues, Assert, Swellbellys, Moral Dilemma and more. They are known for their strong political songs, catchy beats and funny (if not crazy at times) stage persona.

The band currently consists of:

Adem - Vocals/Bass Guitar/Keyboards/Saxaphone/Hat Tricks

Ollie - Vocals/Guitar

Jake - Drums

Matt - Guitar