Mutli genre music with a dance base, innovative and fresh
makes your body move

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Multi genre music guitar based dance.electronica
get up and dance

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Title:  new song
Created: Sunday 13 April 08:42
Last Updated: Sunday 13 April 08:42
Category:  General
Summary:check out my new song  cmon over..a dance track that get,s you going

Title:  sale!
Created: Tuesday 08 April 15:47
Last Updated: Tuesday 08 April 15:47
Category:  General
Summary:track for sale..minimum price for the first 50..take your chanse*

Title:  Dance track on sale
Created: Friday 04 April 05:40
Last Updated: Friday 04 April 05:40
Category:  General
Summary: here is an temporary sale on our track..check itout for the firts 50

Title:  check out new dance music
Created: Thursday 03 April 11:56
Last Updated: Thursday 03 April 11:56
Category:  General
Summary:a innovative band that does multi genre music that moves your body*

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