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Playa Tril hails from Macon, GA, but has lived in California, Mississippi, and Illinois. He became interested in hip-hop after participating in rap competitions with his peers in middle school. Soon after, he began to take the art form seriously, and decided to pursue music as a career. Back then, Tril realized that hip-hop wasn't just music, but it was a culture and that he most definitely fit into. His influences are hip-hop icons such as Scarface, the 2 Live Crew, UGK, Outkast, Tupac, and Biggie, just to name a few.

His style is rather unique and he has a variety of ways to get his point across to his listeners. Tril's dirty south style has a way of peeking the interest of those who may not be fans of the down south flava, but still realize that crunk music is a style that is currently dominating the rap scene. His bouncy style, seasoned with a heavy southern drawl, has been grasping the ear of everyone who has heard his songs. As a result, Tril has been accepted by many people