Trevane, combining rock, ambient, trance and Indie since 2005 ;)

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Hi and welcome to Trevane's Myspace page! Trevane is a band that tries and to combine all musical styles, from instrumental rock to trance, from ambient to indie, mixing together all the good things each style has to offer, resulting in songs that are certainly hard to describe. You really need to listen for yourself to understand what the Trevane sound is =) Trevane just released it's first official self-titled album, which can be heard and bought here. It consists of five instrumental rock tracks and a remix of each of these tracks, ranging from dance- to carnaval-remixes! As you can see, Trevane stands for pure musical fun, no restrictions, no limitations, just open-minded music for open-minded people ;) Check it out by clicking the "music" button at the top. Have a nice stay!