This acoustic folk/rock duo features Monique Houraghan with her distinctive 'honey-like' vocal, and Dan Tucker with an intricate finger style guitar technique. A sweet, mellow and laid-back sound.

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Tinderbox performances continue to receive excellent reviews, even being described by one German critic as 'a miracle in a small matchbox'.

Influenced by artists such as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Counting Crows, the Eagles and Jewel; Tinderbox have developed a varied and dynamic repertoire.

From March 2001 Tinderbox spent 2 years travelling the world. During this time they acquired an agent in Australia and performed dozens of gigs in Melbourne and Sydney. This provided vital experience and also helped to further enhance their repertoire.

Tinderbox have since performed in countries ranging from Germany, Hong Kong and Fiji, to New Zealand, Australia and Thailand.

With Monique's powerful voice and Dan's delectable guitar style Tinderbox is definitely an acoustic duo to look out for.

Visit the site at www.tinderboxacoustic.com