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My name is Alisha Brown and I'm 16 years old, until February 2006. I'm described by people as being very reliable, faithful, lively, bubbly, energetic, hard-working, enthusiastic, kind, helpful, determined. I'm also a good listener, who influences a lot of young people around me.
I've been singing from quite a young age, but I didn't really have a passion to become a professional singer, until I was about eleven.
I would say I got my voice from going to church and listening to Gospel music, (as we didn't really listen to secular music in my house).
After the age of eleven my voice started to develop gradually. At the age of fourteen I went on a course called Dynamic singing,( in the summer, apart of Brent summer university) where I meet a lot of people who could really sing and from there I learnt a lot of techniques and ways to improve my voice.
The following year I got a few vocal lessons, and started to use my voice better.
I Now attend an intermediate vocal course every