The Shnipes



Their Rocked up version of Irelands Call is available to download now. A huge Anthem to drive on the lads for the World Cup.

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The Shnipes are:
Tom Clancy - Lead Vocals and wind
Dave Moloney - Drums
Kieran Ahearne - Bass and Keyboards
Don McGuinness - Guitars.

Tom, aka Sporty Shnipe is a former Ireland rugby International and accomplished whistle and harmonica player, and all round Mad B*****d.

Dave, aka Posh Shnipe is a former member of The Vipers, The Rythem Kings, The Boomtown Rats, he has toured extensively during his career. Dave is also generally known as a Mad B******d.

Kieran, aka Scary Shnipe is just a great all rounder. Played in London for years. Also falls into Mad b*****d category.

Don, aka Baby Shnipe is the youngest in the nest (no runts here!). Been playin guitar since day 1. And guess what?, he's a Mad Bastard too.!

Ireland are going to win the Rugby World Cup this year and we have the anthem to help get us there.
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