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Rising from the remains of various other underground bands, stretching from many styles, including (but not limited to) Punk, Glam, Thrash, Metal, Indie, and even a bit of Country, comes "The Searching".
After leaving Hollywood upon the demise of Heart Throb Mob, Mark (Vocals/Guitar) reunited with long time friend Eric (Bass) and the two soon found themselves playing with other friends in Silent Film Stars, but as with most things this also came to an end. After making more attempts to get their music off the ground in other bands with various friends and acquaintances, they took a small break, mainly because of many failed attempts to lock down a drummer. Many things were changing in their lives and the future was uncertain. Then through the companion of Eric enters Josh (Drums). Having dealt with alot of the same issues with previous bands & also enjoying the same styles of music, he was on the same page. The three of them decided to give it a shot, and from that The Searching was