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Formed in Southampton in August 2004 The Rebel Ching are gathering pace and building a following throughout the UK as a result of some solid live performances.

The band consists of four troublemakers in their mid-twenties, whose shared boredom with the music scene on the South Coast led to their formation. Their tunes are the result of this lust for change. Honest lyrics, catchy hooks and meaty guitars combine to form their dirty indie sound.

The Rebel Ching, born from the remains of bands such as The Jam, Oasis, The Clash and The Libertines, already having recorded their popular debut EP ..The Shelter Sessions.., TRC have been working on spreading the word by sharing their gutsy live sound across the UK.

With their ever increasing fan base, this has resulted in sales of their music through and being featured on i-tunes podcast ..The Unsigned Hour...

On top of all this they have played at some well established prestige music venues and have fast become re