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The Possessed. Located somewhere in Hastings, UK. Some mystery involved, but apparently the brainchild of David Roberts (PRS Writer Member 483191248). Drums/Bass/Sax/Lead Guitar/Lead Vox/2nd Guitar & Keyboards.


"(I Think You're) Hot" 01 - has had some airplay and could be one of the musical catchphrases of Summer 2007. Teen love/angst, but fun too. Get it now while it's cheap! Mid/Uptempo

"Sad Sad Sea" 02 - will crack you up with its dark melancholia. For grieving lovers. Slow

"Be Your Friend" 03 - frustrating - when you're hot for someone, but that person only wants to "be your friend"! Midtempo

"Carpe Diem" 04 Latin for "seize the day" i.e. grab your opportunities while you can. Uptempo

The EP is entitled "Cat's Life", a pun on "That's Life" and "Dog's Life" (the miserable, slavish opposite of a Cat's Life!). Dedicated to Derek (the cat in the cover pic).

All songs copyrighted with PRS in UK.