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Hope you're all doing Great.
I Hope Your Party is Rockin'.
Rock on ! ! !
God Bless All,
The Best Of The Best To Ya ! ! !
Enjoy This Slice Of Madness From The Noah K. Band.
Party to Live and Live to Party.
Just don't forget....
Tomorrow's Comin'

All instruments/programming done by Noah K..Help from a few friends in greatly appreciated as is documented.
I have been playing a wide variety of instruments and styles of music for over 27 years.I love hearing all styles anyone has put their heart into.
Main influences include:led Zepplin,Pink Floyd,Rush,Yes,Sabbath,Though I can copy these guys I could never Hope to write anything close to the magnitude of their art.
I've also been influenced heavily by:
All the Great Old Timers in Blues,Rhythm and Blues,Soul and Rock and Roll.

Enjoy Life,
B-D, B-D, B-D, B-D, That's all Folks.