The Narcoleptics


"Youthful take on The Futureheads… ultra indie Mcschmindie but so well done…. We are Scientists and Bloc Party are surely touchstones…"

"The Narcs I think win the entertainment award"

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The Narcoleptics are one of the hottest bands to come out the shoe-laden town of Northampton UK. Their gigs are apparently "rideculous" and if that's not the word it's the most fun you can have on a friday night (Crowd surfing in the country's smallest WMCs and doing a naked photoshoot for a music magazine can prove that).

Widely thought of as simply hugely entertaining 'Indie Mischmindie', their
major influences are quite clearly the likes of Madness, the futureheads and the absolute catasphrosphe of Test Icicles (but with their own unique style blah blah blah...).

So please, do come take a ride on the mindless drunken roundabout that is The Narcoleptics!

Stream the tracks and find out more about The Narcs at:!

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