The Man with No Name


An odd mix of The Clash and Donovan, The Man with No Name is an American who's still suffering from the U.S. version of Thatcherism. They used to call it McCarthyism, but it never ended.

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The Man with No Name, actually does have one: It’s Jim Pera. He's a very old man (born on 5-February-1955), who was born in the Midwest. At the unlikely age of fourteen, he was one of the longhairs protesting against the Vietnam War. He possesses a B.A. degree from an “experimental” college. And still clings to the M.S. (in computer science) from a school that didn’t experiment on its students. His education would have been incomplete, however, without rock and roll. A lot of his is done with a computer. He’s also a published cartoonist and fine artist.

Regardless, The Man with No Name prefers to consider himself an entirely fictional creation, with any resemblance to other persons, places, or things being entirely coincidental.