The Lies And How We Told Them


'An up and coming British band. With characteristic vocals and a wonderfully lush production this band will definitely be one to watch in the coming months.' – Rough Trade

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'The seven track EP ‘Signpost’ tackles thoughts unheard of in ways only dreamed of by every artist in what must be the most professional sounding debut produced by an unsigned band this century. Broken TV, the opening track, is combined of emotive clashes and muted comedowns, reminiscent of Pink Floyd and 1997 Radiohead, carrying the same impact. The most memorable song besides the title track is probably Granite Hands, again with a unique name that you're unlikely to forget, blasting in with a strong guitar riff and bursting from the seams with passion and energy. I can say without doubt that this is one EP you should definitely invest in, as it will last for decades to come.' - Salvo Magazine (Issue #6 2006)