The Keyboard Fox


Currently doing work with Scottish Renowned function band, Casual Affair, and the world renowned Paul Mcartney tribute act, Lawrence MACCA, plus compositions for media.

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Welcome to the download site of the KF's works. You can find his critically acclaimed music, including The Spirit of the Wolf, music imagary and many more on this site, all available for immediate download. Please take the time to have a listen, we're sure you will find something here that you will enjoy.

Being self taught from the age of five, learning on his grandmothers old 1910 upright Piano. She had been impressed by the way Iain had loved playing it. He inherited the piano when she died, and over the years, he advanced at breakneck speed. Already performing grade 8 standard music by 10 years old, before turning professional at the age of 14, playing along side many respected musicians in a renowned function band at the Craws Nest Hotel.

Writing his first symphony at the age of 17, still in High School, The Spirit of the Wolf was born. Given acclaim by many respected establishments, from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, to the BBC's Nigel Ogden.