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Roughly three years ago, three young men entered a garage. They lit up a fag, picked up a guitar and the rest shall we say is history. Over the years the line-up of the band has progressed to the final five-piece we have today. Although faces have been added, and some lost, the heart of The High Lines has remained the same. We play and write music that we want to hear. Music that means something to us, and music that we know will ressonate with our listeners. Tales of mis-spent youth, nights on the town and times together. We take our influences from the music we have grown up with, the places we have grown up in and the people who have been with us for the journey. Late last year we rocorded out first short E.P. containing 5 songs covering our short hsitory together. We are now looking to record a second E.P. shortly to reflect our progression as a band and continue giging when and wherever possible. So come along, nod your head, stamp your foot and point your finger in the air.