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Hows it goin? We're The Arcades from Southampton. Come on in and have a listen.

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The Arcades - Biography

We are The Arcades and we formed at the University of Southampton in our first year. Adam (vox) and Jonny (bass) lived in halls together and originally met up to try to form a ska band. This included Dom (drums) who had been playing with Jonny for a couple of years already in bands at home. After a few practices this band seemed to fall apart due in part to a lack of original material. Adam then began to suggest a few of his own songs which were not suitable to ska but soon turned into the basis of The Arcades material. The three of us then began to practice together regularly, forming a solid group. We then began to try out lead guitarist and didn’t find one that quite represented the sound we wanted until we found Dave. We had all known him indirectly for a while but never knew he could play, but as soon as we got him in the practice studio he put a smile on our faces. The Arcades was born. All of us have come from having very different tastes in