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Welcome to THE CHILL
Norfolks top unsigned band

The Chill started as the brain child of Kevin and Adam Chilvers who had been writing material and playing together for years. Wanting to record some material they asked for help from long term friend and musician Alex Beckhelling. Alex’s style and expertise added to the material that the brothers had written and The Chill was born. The 3 of them worked out of a caravan in Gooderstone, Norfolk with a temperamental drum machine called Dave. Feeling they needed a real drummer and a second guitarist to fill out the sound Alex invited an old college friend of his and Kevin’s, Jon Farmer. Jon joined the band in May 2005 and his heavy yet melodic guitar gave the band another dimension. Now all they needed was a drummer. Fortunately Jon was working with one who he had 'jammed' with in the past. Suddenly within hours of Tom Hamling joining the band in June 2005 the Chill had already recorded their first 3 track demo