'Kin' is the debut album from Anglo-Irish songwriting partners The Portraits. Its 11 highly personal songs use colourful acoustic arrangements and choir-like vocals to present various takes on family, ambition and bereavement. With lyrics at times humerous and at others painfully reflective, this is

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Described by one notable French radio producer as "The New Beautiful South", The Portraits are a song writing duo from the British Isles who released their first CD album, Kin, on 6th November 2006. Jeremy and Lorraine Millington have been playing and writing music in union since 1995, and formed The Portraits in 2005.

The first album under the "The Portraits" pseudonym is the result of two years' work and a number of life changing experiences. Recorded largely at their own studio in France, it nonetheless retains a uniquely British Isles slant in its at times humorous portrayal of bereavement. Keen to promote the "Music is Invisible" mantra which begins the album, they choose to remain visually elusive, preferring their listeners instead to identify with the content and cultural and age references of their lyrics and melodies. "We couldn't have created this album any sooner" says singer and writer Jeremy. "This is music for people who've seen and felt life a little."