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I First saw the BoBs perform at a Jam night in West London in September 2005. They announced that this was the first place they’d played and kicked into one of their songs called “I n my Head, it was Ska… I liked it; they did one more “Never comin back, this was ska but more Rock n Roll. They then got off to let the next act on. I met the band after and asked, how long have you been together? Not long enough replied Malcolm Drummer and joker of the band, Helen interjected, ’about five months. Where else have you played? I asked? Nowhere yet, said Billy, but we’re looking. Now we’ve found our sound we’re off. To Be Continued….
Bob Simmons: The Artist Magazine © 2006

I saw the BoBs live at some place called the Northwood they had some kid on guitar, yeah he was good mind, and the rest weren’t bad either. Played like Ska and Roll, damn good fun I must say. Goes down well with a glass of stout and a packet of pork scratchings.
Bob Sergeant The Policeman’s hat® 2006
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