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T.G.O. Nation hails from south Texas bringing a Euro-style electronic trance / techno / industrial sound to the masses in A.D.D. apparent electronica.
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"One nation under God" marks a new milestone T.G.O. Nation with extensive vocal work by GolgothA and the beginning of the movement towards a more live style of music. It is also the first song by T.G.O. Nation to be extensively remixed.

"InInIntelligence" and "Terrorist Killers" are sure to bring a smile to your lips and a wiggle to your hips if you like hard bass and beating around the "Bush."

"World of Agony" is an ambient trance drum and bass trip trough a darker place in the mind with naked vocals (no processing).

"Just in case you noticed" was the first release after a six year hiatus from music and marks the beginning of the new darker style and the transition from "The GolgothA OssuarY" into T.G.O. Nation.