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What Can Be Said About Anthony Fludd(Syck-Ness). Its Along Story But Hears A Shorter Version. Well He Is Number Five Out Of Ten Brothers And Sisters(5 Sisters 4 Brothers). At The Age Of 12 He Was Sent Away Due To Behavior Problems, And Has Been In The System Until The Age Of 17. Throughout That Time All The Young Rapper Was Doing Was Writing Rhymes. He Felt It Was The Only Thing He Was Good At. His Purpose Was To Prove Everyone Who Said He Wouldn't Make It.... Wrong. Mainly His Mother. But Losing His Mother At The Age Of 13 Would Force Him To Set Out For A New Goal In Life.So He Focused On Rapping And Started To Create A New Purpose To Do The Trade And That Purpose Was Called Passion. He Discovered The Name Syck-Ness Because He Wanted A Name That Had A Meaning Behind It And Not Just A Name Anybody Could Think Of. There Are A Few Reasons For The Name. 1. Is A Simple Reason Its Because Everybody THat Heard Him Rhyme Would Say That He Was Sick. 2. Was Because When He Rapped Word About His