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Have a good time listening to the myriad of my songs.

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Dante Orlando Brown
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Happy to have you as a guest, Sum of Squares Music presents Dante Orlando Brown, a multi-genre writer, bassist, saxophonist, singer, clapper, and car-key jingler.


1. "It Feels Like Summer"--a jazzy hip-hop song that the family can enjoy with the warm weather

2. "From Honeymoon to Honey-do"--a country and western dance song about marriage and the famous 'honey-do' lists

3. "Gimme Back the List"--sometimes we fellas learn that the 'honey-do' lists ain't so bad after all

4. "The Right Hand"--a salute to our men and women in uniform. There is an extended version (just over 8 minutes long) and a short version (around 5 minutes long.)

5. "It's On, Baby!"--a pre-game rally song

6. "Despite the Vicissitudes"--a song that touches a lot of todays big news issues

7. "From Camden to Hampton"--a bluesy long-distance love story

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