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Stevon Lorenzo :Singer/Songwriter/Producer.

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Stevon Lorenzo : Singer/Songwriter/Producer.

Started singing at the age of 15,entering various talent contest.He was the lead vocalist of a band called Casual Affair who split in the early 90's.He continued writing with his brother Terry,who was at the time a member of the band.

After several years in the business,he's on his way to completing his first solo project.Working with Producers and various writers such as Remmi/M.Walcott/T.Carvey/Nimai and Trevor Davey,whos worked with Danni Manogue,Peter Andre,Ultimate Kaos,Beverly Knight etc.

His influences are Marvin Gaye,Stevie Wonder,Luther Vandross(R.I.P),Brian Mcknight,Muziq Soulchild,Donny Hathaway,Nat King Cole,Maze,Loose Ends,Omar,
plus many more,too much to mention.

So lets keep British music alive and support home grown independent talent.Hope you enjoy his music as much as he lives for it.

Peace and Love.