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Steve started writing songs in 1989 at the age of 42. Steve does not sing or play a musical instrument (unless the bass drum counts?). So how does someone who doesn't play an instrument go about writing songs? Well, in Steve's case it happened like this: One day while going through some bad times and while listening to a Bob Dylan song with abstract lyrics the mood of the song fit Steve's mood to such a degree it inspired him to write his own words to that song's melody. The result was a song that was 11 verses long that could be sung to the same melody of the Dylan song. As time went on, Steve continued writing but writing only lyrics that didn't go with any melody. After, failing to find someone to put his lyrics to melodies, Steve started finding melodies to his own lyrics. This was done by finding a beat or tempo of another song that Steve's lyrics could be sung to. Steve would then sing his song onto a tape without music and send that tape to a demo studio to have a demo made. Som