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Stefan Whittle is an unsigned solo artist that has already written and recorded his first 12 track album "Simple Times". Two years ago Stefan's parents bought him a guitar as a Christmas present and he started taking lessons. About a year later Stefan Started to write his own music on the guitar and lyrics for songs he wrote. Naturally for about another 7 months he never let anyone hear his music and was too shy to sing in front of his own parents until he wrote his third song "I'm Waiting", In doing this he managed to pluck up courage to play his songs to friends and family and proceeded in writing his own music. In late April Stefan recorded his last song up to date in a recording studio near his home town, as a result the song was heard by further more people. In June of this year Stefan's parents sent the song "Say Goodbye" to a local radio station called Ridings FM in Wakefield. Several weeks later a letter in response to the song arrived at his house saying that the manager of Ri