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Steeplejack Parade; an amazing all female rock band from Henley College, Reading. Band members include Charlotte Brown (vocals), Wazhma Ayazi (guitar), Anna Konig (guitar), Sarah Kerr (bass) and Marisa (drums). Most recent gig was The Brain Bash, where they played alongside Brain shampoo, The Castrates and Dying Animals. The band was signed in October 2001 to Steeplejack Music, and is soon to release an ep. They are most famous for their outrageous stage antics, which usually include out of this world dress sense, throwing around bags of envelopes (during their much loved ballad 'Letters To You'), and generally making a mess. The band has been featured in such publications as The Henley Standard, and in 2004 played a one hour acoustic set on Hot Air FM (106FM).