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State of the Enemy are a band made up of 4 Guys from the North Essex area! Consisting of Louis Brown (Vocals/Rythm Guitar), Billy Bromley (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), George Bickers (Bass/Effects) and Olly Winn (Drums), SOTE are an experianced force thats not to be taken lightly!

After 10 gigs over 3 counties, SOTE have already established their name on the Essex scene and are building up a very repsectable following.

With thier debut EP 'Pay Close Attention!' already reaching 3600 plays in a month on Myspace, and the release date coming sometime in June, this EP has been described as 'one of the best EP from the local area in a long time'. Pyramid Magazine said '...on listening to this record you feel this title is well desevred.....these guys seem to forget their small town roots and aim for high things with this first EP...overall a quality EP and well worth a listen...'

With plenty more gigs set up for the year, SOTE are constantly trying to improve and are always want