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Star Belgrade are Ireland's most downloaded unsigned Irish band ever. Since the release of their "Red Arc" EP, over 13,000 listeners have downloaded their music. It blends dance rythms with distorted

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Star Belgrade have had a fantastic start to their career. Since the release of their "Red Arc" EP in Feb '06, their songs have been dowloaded by over 15,000 listeners, making them Ireland's most downloaded unsigned Irish band of all time. All that with a 4 track bedroom demo!

"It just goes to show you that you don't necessarily have to go into a big, expensive 24 track studio to make something that will grab
people's attention... that's a real grower that track"

(Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 1)

Freelance journalist Paul Galbally had this to say about their live set :

"Star Belgrade have purpose, that's apparent from the minute they take the stage. Their sound is wide and large, with a technological feel, that isn't clinical. The singer's stage presence is big, and they have a brooding and expectant air that
makes listening to them an exciting and visceral experience."

Their 2nd EP is due for release later this summer.