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Speezy is an urban upcoming UK artist who wishes to share her passion and undoubtedly her finesse in singing. Her areas of experience are in genres such as R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Ragga, Old Skool. Speezy always aims to impress her crowd by showing off her many vocal variations. She is able to adapt to any beats thrown her way, with a strong belief that she will endeavour to make the song a hit. She is admired for her confidence despite being an unsigned artist, she has been going strong at her music for 5years and has reason to believe she has perfected her art and will continue to take advise from her audiences as well as critics. Speezy would like any music lovers or singers to come forward and see what she has to offer.

Why this name?
This is actually my nickname which i acquired after performing a dance act where i danced as Sisqo to his then hit single 'DANCE FOR ME'. My friends all started calling me indispeezy coz my real name is Indira then i shortened it to Speezy...