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Spatial Unity are close friends with their paths crossing from time to time, this is the first time they have all recorded together. Mostly in the past they have been involved in their own projects.

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Spatial Unity is a small team of session musicians and song writers that have joined together from across the globe to express their musical creativity and share it with the world. Tracks are flavoured with various genres ranging from Rock, Ballads, Latin Jazz to Electronica.

The team consists of Andy Murray; (formerly of Wolfstone), guitarist, lyricist and songwriter,

Andy Pearce; Latin Percussionist, songwriter and producer

Rob Sloan; contemporary pianist, songwriter, percussionist and musicologist (is that a real word?), and also other friends that have gratefully contributed.

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Title:  New EP Dreams Come True
Created: Tuesday 20 February 09:00
Last Updated: Tuesday 20 February 09:03
Category:  General

Spatial Unity are currently recording their new EP "Dreams Come True".

This is due to be released in April 2007. You will be able to download it then from Arkade or their music shop at . If you would like to receive news and updates on material they are recording and release dates, then you can request to be added to their mailing list. Use the Contact Us form.

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