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Going For Broke Records would like to present to the world: Southside Connected. This is a massive collaboration of southern rappers and producers with a twist of the westside representing what rap is all about. Going For Broke Records was founded by artist/ceo Roy Collier Jr.(aka-Preach) in September 2004 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. With so many independent music labels competing for that number one spot, Roy mapped out a plan to bring different labels, producers, groups and solo acts together and unite for this project---Southside Connected. This album consist of artist from Dallas, Texarkana, Louisiana, Memphis, St.Louis, and Fresno,CA. The end result was a creation of rear view shaking, trunk burpin beats, long with rappers from throughout the south-west representing they hoods. They joined together to prove to the world that great music in the south doesn't originate out of Atlanta and Houston, but all throughout the south-west area. Visit us at