Sniff My Enzo


Sniff My Enzo came together in late 2005. With its roots firmly dedicated to the Punk Rock scene, they produce fast paced melodic riffs and catchy tunes which easily capture friends and fans.

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One day, back in 1998, Bill Barschow and David Conklin were turned on by music while listening to blink-182. They loved to play air-guitar at thier grandmothers house while pretending to rock out to System of a Down. They realized that Air-guitar isn't cool, and about 3 years ago David began fooling around with his fathers old electric guitar and Billy got a bass that year for Christmas. At first, they sucked, but they were persistent and determined. As they got better, they decided to form a band and choose a name for it. Many names came up and they decided on Rout 420. But sadly due to the drug reference our parents forced us to change it. We then decided All Systems Go was a cool name. About 3 months went by with that name but we discovered that there was a popular band called All Systems Go!. So we needed to change the name again. David came up with the name Bang Up Job. Another taken name. So the two decided to get drunk and came up with the name Sniff My Enzo.