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On April 27, 1983 in Orlando, FL, “Skinny” C. Abrams was born. As a military child, he resided in various southern cities, but spent majority of his childhood in Columbus, GA. In 1992, Skinny moved to Lithonia, GA. During the following seven years, Skinny and his family moved from Lithonia to Decatur, GA and back and forth between the two cities. He attended and graduated from Southwest DeKalb High School in 2001.
Skinny has always been a fan of hip-hop and during his senior year in high school he began to freestyle and display his talent amongst his fellow classmates. He and a close friend Edward “Slim-Dub” Power formed the group S-Dub. Although it was all out of fun, others suggested that they take it seriously. It wasn’t until his freshman year at Georgia Southern University when he became intimate with music. In Statesboro, GA (the city that hosts GA Southern) Skinny and Dub, met others that enjoyed making music, and they all joined to combine the alliance Guthouse.