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JacK's playground, every thursday 20.00-22.00 PM GMT on Topradio.Check out the livestream on www.topradi

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In the beginning of the nineties Jack made his first moves in the DJ-world. In 1996 Jack started to play disco house in FACTORY in Brussels. After that he became a regular guest at La Bush(After-Bush).
At this time he did some productions which did very well at La Rocca(on Sunday);”disco feeling” (1997) rocked the dance floor. The next production,” feeling sorry” (1998) did even better and got compiled on the CD la Rocca 11.As a result of this; he started his residency in one of the biggest clubs in Belgium: La Rocca, playing a mixture of groovy house and clubby trance. That was in April 2000.
September 2004, Jack makes the switch from La Rocca to Club Industria. This club provides him with more musical freedom.
April 2005 sees the birth of Jack’s own club night at Club Industria, called “JacK’s Playground”. Jack’s Playground is also the name of his own radio show broadcasted on Topradio, every Thursday between 20.00 and 22.00 Hrs.