Guitar: Ninna Michel
Drums: Nooth Stenph
Digital programing/vocals:
Nekro Shorume

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This is where you gonna find the most crazy sounds you have ever listened!
ShutdownSystemed is a music based on nothing. Its a toltally diferent kind of sound because its not like the fucking system of pop music people use to listen.
Unlike the shitty bands that plays on radio stations and concerts, here we don't give shit about the pattern drum 'n base kinda usual shit. We use real samples taken from real life and mix up with dark synths and master-distorted-guitars sequences, resulting in superagressive loops that makes your hear bleeds. We have done some concerts already. We are not too famous though. But that doesn't matter 'cause we don't give a shit about atention. In fact, that's what ShutdownSystemed really is: we have shutdowned your fucking "usuallity" into something inverse, into a totally diferent system.