ShutEye Train


We are ShutEye Train. We lay the tracks to new experiences that most either cannot, or will not go. We accept NO compromise in and of reality, we acknowlege NO boundaries, and we are never quite the same experience, twice.

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ShutEye Train... Here and now, stand we three. Fists clenching ashes; evidence of flames past, and binding us. We stand stoic and steadfast; on the rails, we three. Tracks that vanish beyond the embers of the bridges glowing behind us... Yet still lead forever onward...

We've traveled a long turbulent journey, and still we sojourn forth, to see newer places, meet new people, and let everyone know what we believe music should be, and listen to others share their own thoughts on that very same principle. The three of us come from such wildly different realms of musical preference...and yet when we come together to give of ourselves to all of you, we compromise our tastes to conform only to one another, so that all that remains pure within us musically can manifest unto your awarenesses and perceptions, to allow you to take from it what you will. We create music together; you, as well as the band...endlessly, and forever.