Shane Fogal


My name is Shane Fogal and I started rapping in 2001 and used to just write poems and kept them in my room in 2000. I now have over 75 studio tracks and have had a track played in NY and on the radio.

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Shane Fogal started writing in 2000 until He made his 1st track in 2001 and made his 1st studio track in 2003. Shane Fogal has been played on the local radio's and also on the East Coast Club called "Copacabana" by a DJ called "DJ Smallz". The Track that was playing and still played is "Just me and you". This track is for sale Today for a CHEAP price.
Also, on sale is a story of having/becoming a parent. Its a touching story. Shane Fogal is still unsigned but has had a deal w/publishing company called "Phantom 4 music".