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High Energy, Punk, Pop, Lawrence Whelk Backwards

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After the great success of his former band the Lesbian Muff Divers, J. Nastie, a well known guitarist and songwriter, assembles the "Sea City Dolls." With great reverence to Johnny Thunders, S.C.D. adopted their name and started tearing up the club circuit. J. Nastie's unique writing style combines catchy hooks with old school high energy. Major influences: 50 and 60s style of Rock & Roll and real life situations.

On Drums: Jim Kruzie a.k.a Eddie Z. previously in Shock Treatment teamed up Nastie and became a main driving force in the band. Like a monstrous engine Eddie Z. plays with a style and enthusiasm rarely matched in any live performance. To sum it all up: he's an "Animal," a hard hitting, no nonsense, heart beating to the rhythm of Rock and Roll type of guy. So watch out, you can become Eddy's next victim.

On Bass: Matt Aird a.k.a Matt Tantrum is also a veteran Seattle musician, formally from the band Slut Puppies. Matt came to the Sea City Dolls with only his bass in ha