Scoot Hogan and His Lost Years


Acoustic, laid back, amusing, serious, cynical but most of all, melodic. Try to stop yourself singing along. These songs are great and will mean something to everybody.

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Scoot Hogan was brought up in the Appalacian Mountains in Fifeshire, Scotchland, one of 5 identical twins born in the late sixties, the time and place of fervent free love. His parents, Elmer and Silky, were keen banjo and kazoo players and had had a hit in 1946 with "Born on the Coast of Bolivia", a tribute their evangelical and fundementalist sheep farmer hero, Hector Ryeland.

Scoot and his brothers were given a collection of instruments and dungerees for their 1st birthday and they quickly learned to play them scoring a minor hit in Nepal in 1972 with "Yaks Make Me Yak". Once they had tasted success there was no stopping them. Scoot became the leader, songwriter and arranger of the band's music and created several hits in the 70's with their tuned-out style, including "Stop Hitting Yer Brother, Son", "No More Meatballs, Pleeease" and "I've Lost the Key to the Tune". The legend that is "Scoot Hogan and His Lost Years" was born.

The band split in 1976 citing "no musical differen