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Scaly Whale is an unique whale floating through the music ocean. Now touching the shore of minimalistic ambient now showing his tail in the region of electropop. His spouts were even seen somewhere near techno. Inside him there is Pavel Doronin composing music. Inside Pavel there is a journalist, an interpreter, a sound engineer, a teacher of German and a copywriter. This team puts together the Scaly Whale. From his early childhood Pavel was mad about collecting music always expanding his musical predilections. He tryed his first computer as a musical instrument, installed famous FastTracker II on it. In 2005 Pavel bought a cult soviet synthesizer Polyvox and Roland MC505 groovebox to play his music alive. His first live act was in 2006 in the legendary DJ-Bar in Perm «tOchka». Perhaps his career would go up in the world, but 2006 he left Russia and moved to Germany. He improved his live setup there and tryed it out in Bavarian clubs. In october 2008 he moved back to Russia.