Sanya Budna


Sanya's smooth relaxing voice will have you melting in moments.Shes been compared to great singers like Billy Holiday and Erica Badou,but she really is one of a kind on her own and there is no comparison.
The music is completely original in its sound and instrumentation, again beyond comparison.

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With her singing, she draws you in. With her lyrics, she evokes images and feelings. With her presence, she makes you feel at home. This lady of charisma has a voice made of honey, ice cream and angels. Her unrestricted perfect melodic expression definitely stands in a wonderful class of it's own .
Sanya has been living in UK/ west London since January 1992. Her experiences of music range from initially writing the songs and the melodies to forming her first band "Delfini" 1996-1999 through which she kept developing her material and herself as an artist. Since then she has become a solo artist with the help of close collaboration and support from Jez Prior, who is an artist in his own right and also co-writer and co-producer of " Luna's Illusion album material. Over the last six years , Sanya has had her material released on various albums and compilations, some of which are very well known. The artist/producers Sanya has also colaborated with include "Dzihan & Kamien", Declan Flynn