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Well, what can i say and where should i start? My name is peter croucher the 2nd. I was born Southeast London September 28th no date. I was the only and youngest boy, i have three older sisters they mean the world to me and are my life. Present day. But going back now my mum was a single parent with 4 kids, she did very well and gave us all we ever wanted in life. But now she has past away and things went very fucked up after that. Crazy, it takes losing some one to change ur life. Before i was very bad but now im a good lad. I have became a man before my time as u could say, I live on my own.Im doing very well i work, i have pets and responsibilities, but most of all, deep down, i know i need my mum. So be nice to yours because people are left without and thats what it aint about. My dad was not around, he is what u would call a wanker. Looking back at it all i'll never be like him, it makes me think about my life and future and how to change it. He only thinks of himself but at the e