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i have been making music for a number of years useing keyboards and drum machine and sampling my own voice i am hopeing to get some feed back so i hope you enjoy thank you lots CHEWITT

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Title:  come on play my new song you mite just like it
Created: Friday 09 May 19:26
Last Updated: Friday 09 May 19:26
Category:  General
Summary:"you make me feel like a man" has been played in several clubs the last few weeks and i am geting good feed back keep voteing please

Title:  you make me feel like a man " is my new song had it played at brannigans and bar 64 the crowd loved it
Created: Sunday 13 April 21:10
Last Updated: Sunday 13 April 21:10
Category:  General
Summary:hope you like it  .i am looking for a lable to take me on got lots of tracks coming out soon please keep playing

Title:  new song for the clubs
Created: Sunday 13 April 20:59
Last Updated: Sunday 13 April 21:00
Category:  General
Summary:this is my new song hope you love it as much as i do

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