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Irish composer Ronnie Doyle started his career in 2007. Whilst in his first year of a Bachelor's Degree, he wrote the score to Sci-Fi feature, BANE, going on to write another feature score for horror SEALED FATES, as well as concert music and short film scores later on.

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Irish composer Ronnie Doyle started scoring in 2007 while attending University, with James Eaves’ science fiction thriller BANE. Working with new-Age duo EntropiK, Doyle provided a melodic atmosphere of sampled orchestra score driven by heavy drums beneath lighter threads of violins that emphasized this brutal tale of a woman who wakes up in a cell with two strangers, finding out she is part of a horrible experiment. Doyle was afterwards contacted via email by director Joe Ripple with an offer to score his independent horror film, SEALED FATES (2009). The film was an anthology of three terror tales; Ripple wanted a thematic, orchestral score that would bind each of the three stories together. Providing unique musical designs and, essentially, writing essentially three small scores for each of the horror stories, Doyle linked them all cohesively with a single overarching theme.